Hey Everyone,

I think you agree: Working hard at a level and then getting blocked or dying because you lack a motor skill required to finish the puzzle or kill the boss can be frustrating? infuriating? discouraging?

This happened to me. I was stuck in an amazing game after solving a cool puzzle, unable to continue because I couldn't click the little moving button fast enough. I liked the game so much that this time, instead of eventually quitting, I analyzed the problem, broke it down into subskills, and made up a drill for each part. Then I practiced until I could do each part. Then I put it all together, and when I finally won, it felt really good!

Drills improve skills.

That's how I realized, just like in sports, in games, drills can improve skills.

And if they are put together well, they can be a lot of fun!

So why not make a game that is fun drills to improve skills?

Games as Drills are fun.

That's how the ideas for Flappy Jelly Mayhem and Crazy Crabby Clicker started. And if you enjoy them, we have idea for many more fun drill games.

Try our games - drill your skills!

Escape the Vortex is an endless hexagon arcade game with zen. Enjoy many levels of gameplay with increasingly challenging shapes and obstacles tuned to teach, excite, and delight. Unlockable powers help you survive longer and journey all the way to Delirium. Enter Flow and find your Zen in endless action.

Play at: https://pfoursync.itch.io/escape-the-vortex

Flappy Jelly Mayhem

Use the keyboard or a controller to practice quick reactions in this realistically relentless side scroller with a gentle learning curve.

Crazy Crab Clicker

Click your mouse, fingers, or controller to catch an increasingly evasive crab before it eats your fish in this top-down adventure.

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